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Kenya Launches Traditional Chinese Medicine To Help Fight The Viral Pneumonia

Kenya has now accepted the use of the Famous Chinese Herbal Medicines to Aid the fight against viral infections.

The Healthouself formular 3 & Healthouself formular 5  have been vital in the prevention, treatment, and control of various viral pneumonia infections worldwide with minimal side effects and additional beneficial properties which include mitigating multi-organ impairment in patients who are on recovery from severe acute respiratory infections.

Various countries have also used the Drugs as complements for the fight and containment of the COVID 19 Disease.

HEALTHOUSELF MEDICINES are universally accepted. Many countries have now adopted and implemented use of these medicines. Kenya being one of the countries that has benefited from these drugs has also allowed and permitted the distribution of the same in the country. XRP Medical Kenya Limited is part of Fuzhou Xinruipu Pharmaceutical Technology Company Ltd, with a footprint in over 20 markets including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Germany, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The Global acceptance of the Healthouself Formula 3 and Heal thouseld Formula 5 is evident of the positive results of these Herbal Medicines in the Fight Against The Viral Pneumonia Infections and also with help in Boosting Immunity. In the past launch of the Healthouself Drugs Mr Ngugi the managing director reiterated that, the Chinese herbal medicines now available in Kenya have passed rigorous clinical trials and certification in China, and also went through normal certification at the Pharmacy and Poisons Board


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