Healthouself Formular 5

Prevent, treat, and control viral pneumonia infections with our Traditional Chinese Medicine

Healthouself Formula 5 Pharmacology

Healthouself Formular 5 is a combination of several classic prescriptions of Chinese medicine.
Moslae Herba Promotes sweating, resolves summerheat, Armeniacae Semen Amarum Praeparata strengthen lung function; Gypsum can clear the heat, Glycyrrhizae Radix et Rhizoma Praeparata Cum Melle can nourishing body. Polyporus, Poria, Atractylodis Macrocephalae Rhizoma, Alismatis Rhizoma are diuretic and osmotic drugs. With the cooperation of Cinnamomi Ramulus, it has anti-viral, antibacterial, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, anti-anxiety, neuroprotective and other pharmacological activities. Bupleuri Radix has good antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects. Scutellariae Radix clears the body heat; with Pinelliae Rhizoma Praeparata Cum Zingiberis et Alumine and Zingiberis Rhizoma Recens, can enhance stomach function to stop vomiting. Asteris Radix et Rhizoma Praeparata and Farfarae Flos Praeparata can remove phlegm and cough; Belamcandae Rhizoma clear the throat. Asari Radix et Rhizoma dispels cold, Dioscoreae Rhizoma regulate spleen and stomach function, Aurantii Fructus Immaturus Praeparata has a antibacterial effect. Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium and Pogostemonis Herba has the effect for cough, asthma, and vomiting.

This prescription is jointly enhancing the body’s immunity and enhance lung function, play the effects of relieves cough, detoxifying, clearing heat and dampness. This prescription has a good inhibitory effect on many common pathogenic bacteria, influenza virus, parainfluenza virus and many other common respiratory viruses, that is, it has good therapeutic effect, good antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect.

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Healthouself formular 5 is known to contain anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, it is also useful in the treatment of severe acute respiratory infections especially those that are zoonotic.

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